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This sale ends on 7/14/2022.

Note: If you have an existing subscription, this will extend it.


This sale ends on 7/14/2022.

If you have a current subscription, this will update it by adding 2 years to it.

A subscription to allows you to use the popular online tools and mobile apps.

  • Use the recipe clipper - LEARN MORE
  • Use the MasterCook mobile app recipe clipper - LEARN MORE
  • Sync your online content with MasterCook 15, 2020, or 22 on your computer - LEARN MORE
  • Your online content is available while you are on the go
  • Your online content is backed up on the servers. Many customers have used it to recover their recipes when they lost their computer to damage. They synced their new computer with their account to easily recover all of their content.
  • Your online content is private and protected by your password
  • is free from advertising, unlike most foodie websites that are loaded with ads



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