MasterCook 2020 Pro for Healthcare/Foodservice


MasterCook 2020 runs on Windows 7, 8, & 10.

MasterCook has been a favorite and trusted tool for professional chefs and culinary instructors and students for more than 25 years!

  • Setup with 2 hours of live support
  • MasterCook Network Use

Either share your cookbooks/menus across a network or sync with a account to keep all MasterCook data (shopping lists, ingredients including their costs, etc.) in sync between multiple computers and locations.

  • 1 click to: Import recipes from the web.
  • 1 click to: Find nutrition per serving, recipe, menu, or banquet
  • 1 click to: Calculate costs per serving, recipe, menu, or banquet
  • 1 click to: Suggest alternatives to food allergies
  • 1 click to: Scale recipes from 1 to 999 servings
  • Recipe Storage: Store an unlimited number of recipes in the Windows app. Store up to 100,000 recipes in a account.
  • Menus and Meal Plans: Use thousands of recipes to add variety to avoid repetitive meals and diet fatigue from eating the same meals.
  • Robust Search Tools: Select the right recipes by searching for ingredients, nutrients, and minerals from thousands of recipes.
  • Ingredient List: add or edit the nutrition values for 1000’s of ingredient items.
  • Custom Cookbooks: Organize recipes based on your own preferences such as cuisine, diet & nutrition, family recipes, season, or any other way you can imagine.
  • Group Cookbooks: Collaborate and create cookbooks with family or coworkers in real time – anyone in your group can easily modify recipes. (with account).
  • Sync: Get instant access to all your content, recipes, cookbooks, and shopping lists across all your devices - from PC to PC, mobile to PC, tablet to tablet, or any combination with account.

Additional options upon request:

  • Training: $250 per 45-minute webinar


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