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Give Your Recipes A Home, Then Access Them From Anywhere

The MasterCook family of products includes MasterCook 15, our premiere PC software, subscription, and our mobile apps for managing and storing your recipes online in your own private account.  You can use them on their own or pair them together for the ultimate balance of power and portability!

Auto-import recipes from your favorite websites using our magical web clipper

Available on and in the mobile apps. Sync recipes to MasterCook 15.

Clip and save recipes from all over the web with the best web recipe clipper available today. Our customers rave about it! Just add our "Add To MasterCook" button to your web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc). Then whenever you find a recipe you like on the web, you can click the "Add To MasterCook" button, which will extract the recipe from the web page and right into your account.  You can keep it online at or sync to MasterCook 15. Click here to learn how to install the "Add To MasterCook" button in your web browser.

Download cookbooks from our cookbook store

Available on Sync cookbooks to MasterCook 15.

In May of 2014 MasterCook launched its first ever digital cookbook store.  The cookbooks are free or affordably priced and already formatted for MasterCook.  Just add them to your shopping cart and check out. Upload the .mz2 file to an online cookbook or open with MasterCook 15 to add the cookbook to it. Click here to check it now now.

Easily import or add your own recipes - insert pictures or videos too

Available in MasterCook 15 and on 

MasterCook 15 gives you multiple ways to get your recipes into the program. MasterCook 15 is backwards compatible with all previous versions of MasterCook, so if you have a MasterCook collection already, you won't lose any information.  If you have another recipe management product, our support staff will gladly help you get your recipes into MasterCook!  If you have recipes in Word documents, Google Docs, or text files you can use the Import Assistant to quickly import your recipes.  You can also type your in your recipes using our recipe editor.

Browse our trending recipes page to quickly find popular recipes from the web

Available on, sync recipes to MasterCook 15

See what recipes others are clipping and get inspired.  Viewing trending recipes offers a great way to view the hottest recipes from all over the web, not just 1 website.  When you find a recipe you like, just view it from its original web page and grab it with your "Add To MasterCook button on your browser". Click here to view recipes trending now.

Scale recipes for any number - amounts are adjusted automatically

Available in MasterCook 15

MasterCook 15 lets you quickly and easily adjust your recipes to serve any amount. The amounts are adjusted for you automatically and MasterCook 15 will even give you suggestions to change units.

Quickly find recipes you want using our powerful search engine

Available in MasterCook 15

If you collect lots of recipes, finding the one recipe you want can be tricky. Slow or inadequate search engines can leave you frustrated. MasterCook offers a powerful search engine designed for cooks that makes meal planning so much easier. With MasterCook 15, you can:

  • Conduct advanced searches by keyword, category, cost per serving, ingredients, nutrition values, cuisine, ratings, source, and preparation time
  • Continuously narrow your results by searching within your search results
  • Merge search results from multiple searches
  • Save complex searches for later re-use
  • Search recipes you’ve collected online

Create menus, meal plans, & shopping lists while generating costs per serving

Available in MasterCook 15.  Shopping lists available on

You can do much more than just work with recipes in MasterCook 15.  You can build menus, scheduled meal plans, shopping lists, and more from your recipes with only a few clicks.  You can keep track of costs and analyze costs per meal, recipe, or serving.

Keep tabs on your nutrition needs with our nutritional analysis function

Available in MasterCook 15

Get a complete nutritional breakdown of recipes or menus to make sure you are getting the nutrition you need and avoiding the things you don't.  You can search or filter your recipe collection by any of the available nutritional fields so you find only the recipes you want.

Share recipes & cookbooks with friends, family, or coworkers

Available in both MasterCook 15 and

MasterCook offers multiple ways to share your recipes with others.  You can send e-mails with recipes attached directly from MasterCook 15 or within  You can even share on Pinterest or Facebook from  To share even more, you can create special group cookbooks.


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