MasterCook 24 Windows Only Download ~ Pre-release Sale


This is a special upgrade sale price for current MasterCook customers. After purchasing, you will receive an email confirmation order with a download link. The download link is for MasterCook 22 at this time. When the new MasterCook 24 product is released, we will send you its download link.

Expected release date: MARCH 25, 2024

  • Requires Windows 8 or newer (Using a Mac? See this article.)
  • One-time purchase only
  • No internet required
  • Works with or without a subscription to (sold separately)


  • New allergen notifications in the Nutrition tab of the Recipe Editor
    Redesigned top navigation bar
  • New Backup button in the top black navigation bar
  • New Sync button in the top black navigation bar
  • New active hyperlinks in several data fields
    New larger font in the MasterList; adjustable from the .ini file
  • New partial match string search for ingredients
    Re-engineered sync manager to improve performance, especially with larger cookbooks
  • New recovery of deleted online recipe(s) in the sync manager
  • New NAS installation support
  • Bug fixes

Previous Features Retained:

  • Same User Interface: Familiar and easy to navigate with the navigation bars at the top and right side of the screen.
  • Cost Analysis: Make a daily or weekly food budget per serving, recipe, or menu.
  • Scale Recipes: Change servings and adjust recipe times and ingredients instantly.
  • Plan Big: Avoid the stress of cooking for a large gathering with tools designed for the task.
  • Pantry List & Substitutions Tools: Get recipe suggestions based on what you have on hand.
  • Wine List: Track your collection, preferences, and favorite pairings for your next event.
  • Nutrition Analysis: Check calories, minerals, fat, and vitamins for any recipe or per serving, menu, or meal
  • Menus and Meal Plans: Use thousands of recipes to add variety to avoid repetitive meals and diet fatigue from eating the same meals.
  • Robust Search Tools: Select the right recipes by searching for ingredients, nutrients, and minerals from thousands of recipes.
  • Ingredient List: add or edit the nutrition values for 1000’s of ingredient items.
  • Custom Cookbooks: Organize recipes based on your own preferences such as cuisine, diet & nutrition, family recipes, season, or any other way you can imagine.
  • Group Cookbooks: Collaborate and create cookbooks with family or coworkers in real-time – anyone in your group can easily modify recipes. (with a subscription).
  • Create Covers: Personalize your cookbook covers with your own photo or your own personal art – print or publish it, and share with family and friends.
  • Printing Templates: Create your own or use one of the many pre-installed templates to create your own custom cookbooks.
  • Sync: Get instant access to all your content, recipes, cookbooks, and shopping lists across all your devices - from PC to PC, mobile to PC, tablet to tablet, or any combination (with a subscription).

Note: The license for MasterCook is per user and can be used on multiple devices. Each user should have their own license.

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