MasterCook 15 PC Updates

To check which version of MasterCook you are using go to the Help menu. Select About MasterCook. It will show you the version number you are using. 

MasterCook 15 Update 6 (15.00.24) - 12/7/2018

 MasterCook Update 6 contains the following fixed items:

  • MasterCook Update 6 provides much improvement to the sync manager in MasterCook 15, so syncing with your account will be more reliable.

  • Update 6 contains all fixes from Update 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

1. Backup your files before you install the update. See these instructions. It's very important you backup your files on a regular basis.

2. Restart the computer and do not use MasterCook.

3. MasterCook requires your computer to have all of the current updates available for Windows on your computer. Go to Windows Update on your computer and download and install all updates listed. Restart your computer if Windows instructs after applying its updates.

4. Make sure all programs are closed and download and install the update using the link below.

If you have any questions, please contact MasterCook Support.

Download Update 6


MasterCook 15 Update 5 (15.00.23) - 5/30/2018

 MasterCook Update 5 contains the following fixed items:

  1. Syncing Favorites no longer fails.

  2. Removing photo from MasterCook 15 now removes the photo from the cloud recipe.

  3. Update Recipe via Sync or Cloud– duplicate photos are no longer created for the cloud recipe.

  4. Sync manager syncs only changed recipes in a cookbook and no longer syncs unchanged recipes

  5. Sync for European date format, dd/mm/yyyy, no longer fails.

  6. Meal Plans/Menus syncing between two computers no longer fails.

  7. For a shopping list changed in the cloud, the sync manager correctly shows an update is pending.

  8. When syncing a shopping list, the item “check for syncing” checkbox remains checked.

  9. messaging failures no longer cause Ingredients, Menus and Meal Plans to fail in syncing. Note: multiple sync attempts may be necessary to complete a successful sync of these files.

  10. Multi-Computer Sync (2 or more computers on one account) – 2nd Computer now correctly shows items to sync.

  11. Multi-Computer Sync – Reset of Json files no longer causes duplicate sync entries.

  12. Update 5 contains all fixes from Update 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Download Update 5


MasterCook 15 Update 4 (15.00.22) - 9/14/2017

MasterCook Update 4 contains the following fixed items:

  1. NEW FEATURE! When you sync custom added ingredients from MasterCook 15 to your account, your nutrition data is viewable for those individual ingredients within your online recipe. (Ingredient data flows one way into only.)

  2. MasterCook 15 ingredients sync independently to your account in within your recipe(s). You can access the updated, USDA-based nutrition list for each ingredient item in your online recipe editor. (Please note: MasterCook 15 is not compatible with the new USDA database, so USDA data is not able to sync to the computer.)

  3. Resolved online account syncing issues:

  4. Sync manager behavior improved and able to properly track recipe IDs for more accurate recipe syncs in your online account.

  5. When syncing between multiple computers, “\n” characters were created in recipes in place of carriage returns, now corrected to reflect line breaks in recipe text.

  6. Solved syncing issue in which illegal characters, such as “/”backslashes or brackets “{ }”, in recipe and file names prevented items from syncing to your

  7. Fixed lost decimal places in recipe times (“Preparation”, “Total”, etc.) after syncing to your

  8. Recipes that had missing direction photos and prevented syncing have been fixed to sync with your

  9. “Shopping” lists with amounts in “Cost” column and prevented syncing have been fixed to sync with your

  10. Sync manager errors that caused crashes have been fixed and updated for better performance.

  11. Update 4 contains all fixes from Update 1, 2 and 3.



MasterCook 15 Update 3 (15.00.21) - 12/3/2015

MasterCook Update 3 contains the following fixed items:

  1. The November update of Windows 10 caused several issues in MasterCook 15. These included printing, opening files, and inserting images. Update 3 fixes these issues.

  2. Update 3 contains all fixes from Update 1 and 2.


MasterCook 15 Update 2 (15.00.20) - 8/6/2015

MasterCook Update 2 contains the following fixed items:

  1. Printing shopping lists always shows amounts in decimals. With update 2, the amounts in the shopping lists will print according to your settings.

  2. When syncing recipes to, any ingredient amounts that end in 0 (ie 10, 20, 30) will have the 0 cut off, resulting in incorrect amount values. This is fixed in update 2.

  3. Update 2 contains all fixes from Update 1. 


MasterCook 15 Update 1 (15.00.19) - 7/13/2015

MasterCook Update 1 contains the following fixed items:

  1. Categories joined together. If you have a recipe assigned to 3 or more categories, when you sync to online they look fine. However, when you sync back to the computer they are combined into one.

  2. Automatic sync causes duplicate syncing. If you start an automatic sync with and then do something else in MasterCook, it causes the sync to start a new session at the same time which causes issues. 

  3. Cannot sync recipe to computer if it (1) has direction photos and (2) is edited online, such as editing its recipe title and saving and trying to sync to computer. You will get a WriteError.

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