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This order is for 5 copies of MasterCook 22 Pro for faculty ($24.95 per unit) and 25 copies of MasterCook 22 Pro for students ($14.95 per unit). After the purchase is made MasterCook will send you the activation codes and instructions. Please allow 24 hours to receive them.

MasterCook is used around the world in culinary programs. Watch this video to learn why it is a very important tool.


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Watch the video of MasterCook 22 to see what it looks like.



  • Mobile apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Recipe clipper to collect recipes from your favorite websites
  • Custom cookbooks
  • Group cookbooks (read-only or allow others to add/edit their own recipes)
  • Scale recipes
  • Print recipes
  • Custom shopping lists
  • Add a recipe to a shopping list
  • Basic recipe title search
  • Custom online categories (edit from the mobile app)
  • Sync content with the Windows product

MasterCook has been a favorite and trusted tool for professional chefs, home cooks, culinary instructors, and students for 30 years! It runs on Windows 7 or newer and includes a one-year subscription to


  • Cost Analysis: Make a daily or weekly food budget per serving, recipe, or menu.
  • Scale Recipes: Change servings and adjust recipe times and ingredients instantly.
  • Plan Big: Avoid the stress of cooking for a large gathering with tools designed for the task.
  • Pantry List & Substitutions Tools: Get recipe suggestions based on what you have on hand.
  • Wine List: Track your collection, preferences, and favorite pairings for your next event.
  • Nutrition Analysis: Check calories, minerals, fat, and vitamins for any recipe or per serving, menu, or meal
  • Menus and Meal Plans: Use thousands of recipes to add variety to avoid repetitive meals and diet fatigue from eating the same meals.
  • Robust Search Tools: Select the right recipes by searching for ingredients, nutrients, and minerals from thousands of recipes.
  • Ingredient List: add or edit the nutrition values for 1000’s of ingredient items.
  • Custom Cookbooks: Organize recipes based on your own preferences such as cuisine, diet & nutrition, family recipes, season, or any other way you can imagine.
  • Group Cookbooks: Collaborate and create cookbooks with family or coworkers in real-time – anyone in your group can easily modify recipes. (with account).
  • Create Covers: Personalize your cookbook covers with your own photo or your own personal art – print or publish it, and share with family and friends.
  • Printing Templates: Create your own or use one of the many pre-installed templates to create your own custom cookbooks.
  • Sync: Get instant access to all your content, recipes, cookbooks, and shopping lists across all your devices - from PC to PC, mobile to PC, tablet to tablet, or any combination (with account).

Note: The license for MasterCook is per user and can be used on multiple devices. Each user should have their own license.


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