Make Your Own Authentic Taco Seasoning

Compared to this homemade version, store-bought seasonings have three fatal errors: it’s pricier, it has fillers and it has chemical preservatives. This recipe of real taco seasoning adds authentic Mexican flavor to your dish and it’s also surprisingly good for blackened Tilapia or meatloaf. If that’s not enough to make you want to go out […]

DIY dish soap for less than a dollar

Homemade Cleaning Product Recipes

Just like my DIY cookbook, having one dedicated to homemade cleaning products is a great way to organize all my cleaning recipes by cost or time. Start your own cleaning ‘cookbook’ with these  gentle and effective cleaning ‘recipes.’ Disinfectant Recipe Type: Cleaning Author: Prep time: 5 mins Total time: 5 mins Ingredients 2 teaspoons Borax 4 […]

Tips for How to Handle and Store Your Produce

Just a few tips on how to preserve the flavor and pantry life of your fresh produce. Food tastes best when fresh, so keeping ingredients fresh is one of the easiest ways to improve the results of your cooking (think fresh basil instead of basil seasoning in a nice pasta dish).  So, here’s a short […]

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Helpful Tools for Managing Special Diets

Using MasterCook 14 to Start or Maintain a Diet MasterCook 14 features Search and Meals tools that can help you on your journey to start or keep a new diet. From finding appropriate recipes to doing the math for daily nutrition, starting a diet quickly unmasks itself as precisely what it is — learning a new […]

Welcome to MasterCook’s Blog

Visit us and get inspired for a better cooking and kitchen experience MasterCook has been helping home cooks and professionals with meal planning, shopping, and cookbook organization since 1991. Just like our software, this blog is dedicated to recipe and kitchen lovers of all kinds. We’re very excited to have a place to share our […]