pantry pasta recipe

Make a Smart Pantry Recipe with Spiralized Zucchini Noodles and Pasta

Chef Jim’s pantry recipe is a pasta dish for two using common on-hand ingredients. During the week, I avoid making unnecessary trips to the grocery store by preparing a meal using ingredients I already have, also known as a pantry recipe. I enjoy the challenge of combining bits to create a satisfying meal of leftover ingredients […]

MC Free MC 14 Offer v4

Free Software for Culinary Educators and Students

This offer expired January 1, 2015. Thank you to all those students and educators who participated! For a limited time, MasterCook is giving away free downloads of MasterCook v.14, the latest recipe and kitchen software version, to all eligible culinary art instructors and students. In addition to a receiving a free copy of MasterCook 14, […]

Avocado Hummus

Chef Jim’s Heavy Appetizers Party Plan

Planning  a Labor Day party? Try Chef Jim’s appetizer menu shortcuts, & cooking timeline. As a personal chef I also provide in-home catering for some of my clients.  Here’s a menu that I created for a client’s summer party. The number of items may sound daunting but you can easily recreate this or any similar […]

Peach and Jalapeno Mini Pies

Savory Peach and Jalapeño Mini Pies

About the filling… Jalapeño. And peaches. We combined two ingredients that are satisfying on their own (but even more amazing together!) to make a sweet peach pie with a happy kick. With so many fruits in season, from berries to stone fruits, we didn’t want to pass up on making a fruit pie before summer […]

Webinar: MasterCook for Culinary Educators

Open Invitation for Culinary Educators This 8/12 and 8/14 We at MasterCook would like you to join us for a webinar that illustrates how culinary educators are using MasterCook as part of their curriculum. The webinar will be led by Rob McDonald, culinary instructor for Manor Independent School District in Texas and consultant to MasterCook’s […]

Summer Refreshments: Tequila Sorbet & Ice Pops

This week’s Trending Recipes page has done an amazing job of showing me new ideas for refreshments that have now become my new cravings. And as you can see ICY, ICIER, and the ICIEST treats is what summer days want. I’ve collected my favorite “happy hour” type of refreshments on our Pinterest page — tequila […]

CORN 2 plates

Corn Made Easier: Cooler Corn and 10 Minute Corn on the Cob Recipes

The best way to cook and prep corn on the cob for a BBQ party… Corn is easy enough to cook.  However if you’re preparing food for a gathering of more than 8 people, then it may be a good idea to outsource the work from your stove — to a cooler.  This is a […]

Homemade Donut Recipe with Three Glazes

Recipe for homemade donuts with three glazes to chose from: maple, chocolate and your choice of fruit. Donut or doughnut? Either one is delicious.  The history of the donut is a longstanding food debate.  Some say donuts were invented as a cure for homesick World War I soldiers.  Others claim donuts are a 19th century cooking […]

Slow Cooked Pulled BBQ Chicken Slider

Recipes and More for Memorial Day

Happy Memorial weekend!  Weather permitting, I hope an outdoor gathering with familiar faces features brightly in your future. If you’re attending a gathering, you can get ideas for bring-along dishes from our Pinterest.  MasterCook has a whole Pinterest board dedicated to recipes and ideas related to the 4th of July recipes that would equally well for […]

burgundy bubbler

Summer Cocktail Recipes with a Twist

With warmer days on the horizon, I look forward to reaching for my neglected ice-cube tray and cocktail shaker very soon again. Last summer after having developed an appreciation for sitting on the porch on a hot, lazy afternoon with a cold drink in hand, I began a collection of easy summer cocktail recipes.  My favorite cocktail […]