A New and Friendlier Design at MasterCook.com

March 22, 2017

You may have noticed some changes at MasterCook.com. We’ve recently unveiled a new look for the MasterCook.com home page that puts our ever-popular trending recipes right up front, so it’s easy to see the latest recipe additions and jump right in!

We’re introducing a new “Blue Plate Special” on the home page, in order to keep you informed about our special offers and deals. We’re currently busy behind the scenes, partnering with specialty food and drink purveyors like Kodiak Fish Market to bring you the best ingredients for your recipes at an attractive price. Expect more hot deals in the future!

We’ve unveiled a new store experience, where you’ll soon be able to browse software offerings from our parent company, ValuSoft. In time, we’ll also be offering original cookbooks, kitchen accessories, housewares recommended by Le Cordon Blue® International, and Le Cordon Bleu International® branded items.

There’s new navigation across the website as well. As we’ve grown from a desktop application to a full-fledged online platform, we’ve needed to reorganize the website to better communicate what MasterCook.com is—the best digital kitchen assistant—to a new audience.

Because the number of MasterCook.com users just keeps on growing. Restaurant owners, culinary arts students, educational organizations, enthusiastic home cooks, and users of competing products are all finding a home with MasterCook.com. A great big, warm welcome to our new users!

We’ve got great news for those who’ve been with us awhile as well as the newbies. In the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a major upgrade to MasterCook.com—we call it MasterCook Cloud. This update brings a host of new features, including bringing features that previously were found only in the desktop program online, improved versions of our free mobile apps, and some exciting surprises.

Because this is a very substantial update, you may find the website is slower than usual during the launch time period. However, once the update is over, you should experience a much faster website overall, as we’ve included many performance enhancements in this release. Thank you in advance for your patience.

If you have any questions during our launch period, please contact Support at support@mastercook.com.

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