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MasterCook v14 Update 2: 14.00.22, Released on 5/14/2014

To Update
  1. Close MasterCook v14 (Do not uninstall)
  2. Download and run the update
Items Added:
  • Added ability to open cookbook files from the MasterCook Cookbook Store
Items Fixed:
  • The export window was reconfigured so it could be viewed completely on Windows Surface tablets

Update History:

MasterCook v14 Update 1: 14.00.20, Released on 7/25/2013

Items Added:
  • Increased width of unit column in Ingredient Edit screen
  • Added a preference setting (under Edit/Preferences) to turn off unit suggestion column in Ingredient Edit screen
Items Fixed:
  • Fixed crash that occurred when merging the ingredient list with pantry
  • Fixed crash and other problems when opening search criteria that did not ship with MC v14
  • Fixed issue where MasterCook was not opening and importing when double-clicking recipe files (mz2 files) attached in an e-mail
  • Updated broken links in the help file

MasterCook v14 Initial Release: 14.00.18, Released on 6/25/2013