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Import Recipes from the Web

MasterCook has multiple methods for grabbing recipes from your favorite websites

Option 1.  Get the Web Import button

Add To MasterCook

Adding the Web Import button to your browser's bookmark bar allows you to import recipes from your favorite websites with the click of a button. To get started, simply drag this button to the bookmark bar, then click the resulting "Add To MasterCook" button whenever you want to import a recipe from the web page you are viewing.

If your bookmark bar is not enabled in your browser, you can easily enable it. Click the appropriate link for help enabling the bookmark bar in your browser:

Option 2.  Create a bookmark for and edit the URL text to match the javascript below.

javascript: (function () { var x = document.createElement('script'); x.type = 'text/javascript'; var thisHref = window.location.protocol.toLowerCase(); if (thisHref.indexOf('https') >= 0) { x.src = ''; } else if (thisHref.indexOf('http') >= 0) { x.src = '' + encodeURIComponent(window.location.href); } else { x.src = '//'; } document.body.appendChild(x); })();

Option 3.  Browse the recipes others have added to

On you have access to thousands of recipes that others have found added to their accounts. Click browse to start finding the recipes now.