MasterCook 15 for Educators

Smart tools for professional chefs and culinary students! Organize your recipes, create cookbooks & accomplish more in the kitchen. FREE with discount code for qualifying educators and students.

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Included in your purchase is a FREE 2-year subscription to and the new MasterCook app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Use your online account to store up to 50,000 recipes for easy back up, upgrades, and access with the new auto-synch feature.

Create the perfect meal! More than 8,000 recipes, 30 cookbooks and over a dozen powerful tools and features to help you do more with your recipes and cookbooks.

Recipes & Cookbooks

  • Custom recipes and cookbooks to add your own notes, images and video
  • 1-click recipe importing from your favorite websites to grow your recipe collection for inspiration
  • Access your recipes anywhere, anytime from any device with your account

Professional Tools

  • Cost analysis tool lets you calculate costs for any recipe or meal
  • Scale recipes for any number of servings
  • Create shopping lists based on any recipe

Health & Nutrition

  • Use 1 click tool to find the nutrition per serving, recipe or meal
  • Ingredient List feature to add or edit nutritional values
  • Substitutions tool to suggest alternative ingredients based on allergies

Please see these videos to help you get started:

Note: The license for MasterCook is per user and can be used on multiple devices. Each user should have their own license.