Smart tools for home cooks and professional chefs.
organize your recipes, create cookbooks, manage health and diet, & accomplish more in the kitchen

Over a dozen powerful tools and features to help you do more with your recipes and cookbooks. More than 8,000 recipes & 30 cookbooks for all occasions and levels of experience with tools to scale recipes or analyze nutrition and cost for the perfect portioned meals.

Included in your purchase is the new MasterCook app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Use your account to store up to 50,000 recipes for easy back up, upgrades, and access with the new auto-synch feature.

"one of the best cookbook and recipe programs we have seen..."

MASTERCOOK.COM subscription

Essential tools to do more with your recipes anywhere, anytime.
try new recipes, grow your recipe collection, share your cookbooks, & make shopping lists

Organize an online home for all your recipes with your own free account or get more storage with the 1-year subscription plan. All content instantly auto-synchs to free App & MasterCook 15. Save & organize recipes from any of your favorite cooking sites and food blogs and with 1-click.

Share recipes or collaborate on cookbooks with friends and coworkers in real time. Make as many checkbox style shopping lists as you need from scratch or from your recipes with 1-click.

Keep in mind,  MasterCook 15 for the desktop along with a 1-year subscription provides you with a complete recipe, nutrition and kitchen solution.  


Your perfect companion for the kitchen and grocery store.
free app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices

Create new recipes, shopping list, and cookbooks on the go, in the kitchen, at a campfire, or anywhere else. Instantly access or edit content from your account or MasterCook 15 on your devices through auto-synch feature.

Convenient 1-click features to help you master your recipes and organize your cookbooks for home cooks and chefs.

Work on cloud based cookbooks and recipes with friends, family and colleagues.
Access your recipes and cookbooks anywhere from your Windows, iOS, or Android devices.
Take your mobile device with you and create your dishes using the MasterCook App.
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