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Building the Best Recipe App on

If you’re not familiar with, this post is for you! We’re proud to provide the most robust, cost effective cookbook and recipe app storage solutions for over 20 years. Open a free account today! You can register for an account at No credit card information required and no trial expiration! 

What is is a recipe and cookbook web and mobile app that lets you add your own recipes or collect them from any food website so that you can easily create cookbooks, shopping lists, or group cookbooks in your own account. All of your account content is private. If you want to share recipes or cookbooks, there are links and sharing options – and there’s also our Group Cookbook feature! Group cookbooks let multiple people create, edit and build recipes into a complete cookbook in REAL TIME. This is a great way to plan those big holiday meals or just to keep up a relationship with that other special kitchen-lover in your life.

The screen below is the My MasterCook Home and the first place you would see when you sign in!  We have dedicated places for your recipes, cookbooks, shopping lists as well as links to your account information and our Trending Recipes – a useful tool to discover new recipe ideas that you can save to your account recipes too.

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Best-Loved Features

1) The Recipe Clipper!

Save any website recipe with 1-click

For most users, the breakout feature was the Web Importer. With this one-click tool, you could easily grab recipes from food websites and then organize them into custom categories and cookbooks. This tool was transformative for users that wanted to grow their recipe collection, quickly and with ease. You can watch our webinar video here which demonstrates how use the web clipper on your account. 

2) Free MasterCook Mobile App!

Take your recipes and grocery list anywhere

The second, most-beloved feature was the free companion, MasterCook Mobile App. It retrieves your data from for you to use anywhere. You can also create cookbooks, shopping lists and recipes from scratch. You can also scale the recipes to adjust their servings and ingredient amounts. The mobile apps are available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Visit those Google Play or Apple Store from your device to download and install the app to your device

Open a Free Account Today

Register for an account! 
No credit card information required and no trial expiration. 


P L U S  

New Nutrition Feature Coming Soon…

To see what changes we have in store for you, please read our blog post, New Features and Pricing Adjustment for

-MasterCook Team


A Quick Note For MasterCook 15 Users! was originally thought of as a companion app for MasterCook 15 for Windows, our more robust software. However, it was always important to us to bring you a fully, independent online recipe app with important features that any chef or home cook would find helpful. was designed to work well with your MasterCook for Windows program. Using a account is optional for MasterCook 15 users. Having a account allows you to sync your data to MasterCook 15 and the mobile apps and keep it all connected together.

About Subscription and Free Accounts

The difference between the free account and a paid account is the number of recipes you can store in your account. The free account allows for up to 25 recipes and unlimited shopping lists. 

Your account is where you store all of your online data. When you sync all of your MasterCook 15 data to you have a backup in the cloud at If your computer gets damaged or stolen, you data is safely stored online as well. This makes it great when you get a new computer. Just sync all of your data down to the new computer after installing MasterCook on your computer.

If you use the recipe clipper, you can access and edit those recipes on the mobile apps. If you sync your cookbooks and shopping lists from MasterCook 15, you can edit them and sync back to MasterCook 15 through your account. For more info on using the MasterCook mobile apps please see the MaterCook Mobile Apps Overview.

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