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Shopping List on MasterCook App

Take a tour of the shopping list feature on the MasterCook app. Now available on both Android and Apple mobile devices!

The shopping list is my favorite feature from the MasterCook app. The fact that it synchs to my online account means I can plan special meals and shopping from my desktop too, which is where I plan all my regular cooking too. If you love trying new recipes every day, then this feature will feel like it was made for you. The MasterCook app lets you create as many shopping lists as you can imagine. Make your grocery list from scratch for a master weekly shopping list. Or make one for each day of the week if like me you repeat meals depending on the day, such as fish every Friday. Or make or add to a list using your own recipes. This last option is my favorite way to make a list. It’s the quickest way to make a list, you just press a few buttons and voila, all the ingredients are there in a list waiting to be checked off the next time you’re in the grocery store.

Here’s how you can create a shopping list based on a recipe quickly…

recipe app

Open MasterCook app and click into My Recipes.

recipe list app

Select a recipe to add to your grocery list. Note: Your recipes from your account will synch to the app and appear right away in My Recipes. You can reorder them by the name of the recipe of the date added to your account.
app view recipe details

I didn’t want to forget black beans and Mexican blended cheese for this week’s grocery trip. So I selected the loaded nachos recipe to add.

grocery app

Click on the upper right corner menu and select add to list. You can also change the servings of the recipe here.

recipe app add description

Or you can also click on any pencil icon to change any part of the recipe. I changed the ingredients to skip the onions and make this recipe more kid-friendly for this occasion.

Grocery app add recipe

‘Add to List’ gives you the option to add recipe ingredients to an existing grocery list (say the one you’ve made for this week’s dinners) or start a new grocery list. I added the recipe to a shopping list full of items I had planned for a special family weekend. The shopping list lets you check off items as you go but all items remain visible on the list as a crossed off item for easy reference when in doubt. When I left the grocery store, I knew I had everything I needed.

easy grocery app

Let us know what you think! If you don’t have MasterCook, you can try it with a free account, just register for one here.


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