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Best Way to Save Recipes from Your Favorite Food Blogs

If your new to MasterCook or a long time user and would like to start saving more recipes from your many favorite online food websites into one easy, permanent place, then you’re in the right place! This is the easiest way to start your own recipe collection. This is also a fantastic way to change your diet, simply start clipping the recipes that your doctor or nutritionist recommend or edit any recipe with healthy substitutions.

There are multiple ways to save your recipes with MasterCook. Our software has been helping professionals and enthusiastic cooks save their recipes and cookbooks into a personal, permanent collection for over 20 years. Now MasterCook offers even more ways to organize your cooking life with our MasterCook.com online accounts and MasterCook App. The online account lets you save up to 50,000 recipes, while the app helps you organize on the go with smart 1-button features, such as the 1-button shopping list maker and recipe scale tool.

Our online service has the best online recipe clipper on the internet. It can grab a recipe from any website page quickly and accurately. You can try it out by opening a free account. Once you have an account, just drag the recipe import button to your bookmark toolbar then use the button to save recipes from all the sites you love.

recipe clipper

With just one-click MasterCook’s recipe clipper captures a whole recipe quickly and accurately.  And editing a recipe with our recipe clipper? Effortless. You can add your own recipe description, notes, and serving or wine ideas on the ‘More Info’ tab. Best of all, the ‘MasterCook Web Import’ window stays open allowing you to conveniently keep reading and scrolling through the recipe page, so you won’t miss any part of that recipe including those extra recipe instructions or substitutions.

Edit Notes Recipe Clipper

Click ‘save’ and our recipe clipper is ready for your next move. From here you can download all your recently saved recipes to your MasterCook 14’s offline cookbooks for long-term, a great long-term solution for those times when you just know those recipes are going to be new family favorites, (such as this slow cooker soup from All Day I Dream About Food). Or you can follow the link to view the recipe on your MasterCook.com account right away.

Save Screen Recipe Clipper

To add a recipe to a shopping list, open the recipe through the ‘View the Recipe at MasterCook.com’ link. Here you can add all the ingredients of a recipe or unselect items you may already have in your pantry.  You can also edit, download, or share your recipes through email, Pinterest, Facebook or create your own link to share on any social site.

Recipe View     Add recipe to shopping list

The recipe view on our mobile site is just as simple and clean, making MasterCook.com convenient to use in the kitchen or on-the-go.  The mobile site gives your the ability to edit or add a recipe from scratch, find recipes with ‘Search’ or ‘My Cookbooks,’ edit or create shopping lists, or add recipes to your shopping lists.

Mobile Site Home Screen                Mobile Site Recipe View               Mobile Site Scroll

So the next time you’re shopping in the store, you can use the mobile site to open your shopping lists, see the ingredient details and you’ll know exactly how many bell peppers you’ll need for that new recipe.

Mobile Site Shopping List View              iphoto edit list                mobile site shopping list


Our family of products features easy-to-use accounts at MasterCook.com, a Windows desktop program with professional tools, and mobile apps for iphone and Android  (mobile apps available June 2015).

If you’re a former Ziplist user looking for a new home for your recipe collection, with MasterCook you can keep saving recipes and making lists before your next grocery trip. Our friendly support team will help transfer all your recipes from Ziplist to MasterCook — and you’ll also get a free 6-month trial subscription to MasterCook.com. To start your free trial simply contact us by going to our support page and submitting a ticket. Our friendly support team will get back to you within hours, not days!

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