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New Features and Pricing Adjustment for



Updated 6/30/17

June 6, 2017

New features and pricing for coming soon

We are adjusting the price of our online recipe app subscription so that we can continue to deliver more robust features and improvements in the future. Starting in July, the price of a subscription will increase to $24.99 per year.

Listed in bold are the most important improvements coming to your online account.

All-new nutrition calculator tool that will let you see calories, vitamins, minerals, and other information using updated, USDA-based nutritional standards 

We’re excited to improve your experience with a feature that will expand your online account from a recipe organizer app into a powerful nutrition app as well. Our online nutrition calculator can assess minerals, sugar, calories, and fats in any recipe, meal or single ingredient. We know this an important tool for chefs, caterers, food professionals, nutritionists, and anyone that wants to monitor their diet as well.  

Upgraded recipe clipper for easier data import from more websites

The free recipe clipper included in your account is smoother and more reliable than ever. As late as mid-2016, Google began to encourage all websites to increase safety on all website pages, even on pages that do not deal with sensitive information. As a result, some users had more trouble using our recipe clipper to save online recipes from their favorite food blogs.

Enhanced data merge between your accounts online and MasterCook Mobile App

If you hadn’t tried it before, we highly recommend using the shopping list feature on the MasterCook Mobile App. Make your shopping lists based on any recipe from your account and take it to the store. There are two versions, one recipe app for Android and one for Apple and they are available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

Increased storage space from 50,000 to 100,000 recipes per account

Starting in July, we’re doubling storage for our users on a rolling basis. This was designed with an eye to the future of We’re striving to meet the needs of our pro users and build the best professional chef app.

We cannot wait to update your! Our team relies on your feedback to guide our improvements and features. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our great customer service team. Write to our team at and we will reply within 24 hours or faster.

Thank you in advance for your support!

-MasterCook Team


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