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John and his wife out for a walk in Kodiak, Alaska.

You may not have access to fresh, sustainably-caught wild Alaskan fish and seafood in your neck of the woods, and that’s okay, because the Kodiak Fish Market does.

John Whiddon, founder and owner of the Kodiak Fish Market in Kodiak, Alaska, has over 16 years of experience in the fish shipping industry. He knows how to get you the right product, from the right source and how to do it the right way.

“The attributes of Alaskan seafood are unparalleled,” Whiddon explained. “It’s sustainably caught and harvested from a renewable resource, handled with the utmost care.”

Before graduating from San Diego State University, Whiddon grew up and attended boarding school in England. From there, he joined the coast guard where he was a helicopter pilot, flying in places such as the Gulf of Mexico, Astoria, Ore., New Orleans, La. and his now home Kodiak, Alaska.

With over 20 years of combined experience in both the shipping and seafood industries, Whiddon’s expertise began in 1994 as the owner and operator of Mail Boxes Etc.  After nine years, he transitioned into the seafood industry and ran Island Seafoods, a custom processing facility, for three years. Then, in 2003, he started managing Pacific Seafood Kodiak.

“We went from shipping a couple hundred pounds [of seafood] a day to nearly 20 million a year,” said Whiddon. “Along the way we shipped fish all over the world, not just domestically, primarily to China and Korea and in order to do that we had to learn all the quality and safety requirements.”

Whiddon described how he used this knowledge to start his own online seafood market and do it the way he wanted to, as he didn’t have much control initially. Now, he runs the Kodiak Fish Market with his daughter-in-law Rachel, who lives down the street in Kodiak. Rachel tackles the social media side of things, while Whiddon handles all of the orders.

“I love to communicate to customers the health benefits and qualities of Alaskan Seafood,” Whiddon replied when asked what his favorite part about his job is, “we believe so strongly in it.”

Whiddon explained how his seafood, which is shipped frozen, is much fresher than what you find behind the counter at your preferred grocery store. Instead of sitting in a freezer cage for six months or in open air for seven days, Kodiak Fish Market ships your seafood at the peak of its freshness.  

Kodiak, a remote island nicknamed Emerald Isle due to its incredibly green summers and breathtaking mountain range, houses approximately 14,00 people. Surrounded by both water and brown bears, Kodiak is home to the largest number of seafood processing plants in Alaska, yet that doesn’t hinder its small town charm.

“It’s still small enough that people know each other and it’s the friendly type of place where in times of adversity people pull together,” Whiddon explained. “Not everybody knows everybody but when push comes to shove we help each other because you all depend on each other.”

“You can’t go to Safeway without running in to somebody,” Whiddon joked.

As not only an active member of the city council, but past member of the chamber of commerce and the deputy mayor of the city for two years, it’s safe to assume John Whiddon knows Kodiak. Which means John Whiddon knows seafood processing like the back of his hand, and wants to get you the world’s best quality seafood in the very comfort of your own home.  

“My absolute favorite is rockfish. Blackened rockfish, which is just awesome, or rock fish tacos. It doesn’t have to be smothered in lots of sauce or butter, if it is you lose the flavor of the fish,” Whiddon explained.

With both the smell of the ocean and a flaky texture at an affordable price, rockfish is sure to be a rock star in your home as well. Here you can find a recipe for blackened rockfish with avocado sauce off of the Kodiak Fish Market blog, and be sure to check back soon for more to come with the Kodiak Fish Market! 

For more on the Kodiak Fish Market and how to snag some for yourself, please visit: http://www.kodiakfishmarket.com/

Blackened roc

Blackened rockfish with avocado sauce, courtesy of the Kodiak Fish Market blog. 

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