MC Free MC 14 Offer v4

Free Software for Culinary Educators and Students

This offer expired January 1, 2015. Thank you to all those students and educators who participated!

For a limited time, MasterCook is giving away free downloads of MasterCook v.14, the latest recipe and kitchen software version, to all eligible culinary art instructors and students. In addition to a receiving a free copy of MasterCook 14, participants will also be able to enjoy our general promotion: get MasterCook 14 and receive a free 1-year subscription for an online account at An online account at lets you move your work on MasterCook 14 from the desktop to any internet-ready classroom, so that you can continue to save, create and sort recipes, lists, cookbooks or Trending Recipes while you’re on the go.

If you’re a culinary art educator, MasterCook 14 allows you to organize all the recipes in your curriculum into a highly customized and accessible collection. Each recipe is an individual file and can be housed in a collection of cookbooks that can be created to group recipes by class, cuisine, culinary level or any other system of your own. MasterCook software also augments your students’ education with relevant technological skills. Our friend and longtime MasterCook advocate, Rob McDonald, and other educators are using MasterCook’s powerful tools to organize lesson plans and reinforce lessons, such as: managing recipes, menus, and events; tracking shopping lists, costs, and nutritional info; and applying kitchen math and administrative skills. Bringing MasterCook 14 into the classroom will allow your students to put into practice the multifaceted responsibilities involved in a career as an executive chef, from recipe creation to budget considerations.

If you’re a culinary art student this is a chance to get acquainted with the recipe management software favored by culinary industry insiders since 1995. MasterCook 14 allows students to keep notes regarding individual recipes in a long-lasting medium. For many students, MasterCook 14 turns into their own personal record of their journey through cooking school, highlighting the beginnings of a culinary career one challenging recipe or course at a time. MasterCook even gives you the option of printing your recipes and cookbooks for class or personal use — with several attractive templates to choose from.

Whether you’re creating or sharing lesson plans or recipe notes, MasterCook 14 can help. Here’s how you can get your copy of MasterCook 14 and subscription to

-Visit our Support Page
-Submit a ticket with the subject line: “Culinary Educators/Students Only” (please indicate whether you are an educator or student).
-Please use the email address associated with your school or organization. (Hint: Emails that end with .edu or .net with the school or district in the address will be the easiest for us to validate as eligible participants for free MasterCook 14 downloads.)
-No purchase necessary. This is not a giveaway or contest, all culinary educators and students who follow the above steps can “win!”
-Please note by participating, you are also joining MasterCook’s email list and we may contact you in the future regarding promotions, polls or announcements. (Emails include links to opt out of receiving future emails from MasterCook). MasterCook does not share your email or other information with third parties.

See how educators use MasterCook in the classroom!

See it on our YouTube channel here —> MasterCook for Culinary Educators

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