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Cookin’ Up Some Que

By Elizabeth Fechter 

Fun fact: Not only is the month of May known for Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day and May Day, but did you know it’s also home to National Barbecue Day?! Well, I had no idea, but I sure am excited to take full advantage of this month-long holiday and use it as an excuse to make as much BBQ as possible.

With the month of May quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to do a BBQ recipe round-up, inspired by this delicious “holiday” I’ve been missing out on for one too many years. And just to make it a little more exciting, I’ve also gathered some delicious side dishes that would pair really well with anything barbecue. Let’s begin, shall we?

I don’t think you can talk about barbecue without mentioning a rib recipe right off the bat. How tempting are these cola ribs from Donna on Love Foodies look?!??

I’ve seen soda used with other pork dishes before, such as pork shoulder, but never with ribs. However, I love the idea! The sugars in the cola are sure to develop a rich, caramelized flavor when cooked low and slow, creating a deeply sweet flavor surrounding the ribs.

Or how about these Thai ribs with peanut BBQ sauce and sweet Thai ginger slaw from Half Baked Harvest? What a fun way to turn a classic into something new and trendy. If you haven’t yet noticed, Asian-fusion is all over the place, and that’s exactly what these ribs are. 

Moving right along, how tasty do these bacon bourbon BBQ chicken kabobs look? (Try saying that three times fast.) From start to finish, Host the Toast’s entire recipe takes less than 45 minutes. That includes prep, marinade and grill time. These are sure to be a family-favorite in no time.

And who says brisket has to be boring? (No one, no one says brisket is boring.) But just in case you’re tired of the traditional, I highly recommend you try Bon Appetite’s recipe for braised brisket with bourbon-peach glaze. This recipe looks really creative and like a fun, easy way to impress a lot of guests. Paired along with one of the side dishes below and you’ve got yourself a delicious, budget-friendly dinner party menu.

As you know, barbecue isn’t limited to chicken and pork. I mean, how great to these balsamic BBQ salmon filets from Plain Chicken look?

And now for my favorite part of the meal, the sides.

Personally, I cannot wait to make The Pioneer Woman’s fresh corn casserole. Minimal ingredients, optimal flavor. It really doesn’t get much easier than recipes like this. Simply cut the corn off the cob, stick it in a dish with butter, heavy cream, salt and pepper and that’s it.

Obviously baked beans are a classic when it comes to barbecue, and no barbecue menu is complete without them. The Girl Who Ate Everything’s recipe for The Best Baked Beans has so many layers of flavor it’s such to be a hit.

With all of these heavy dishes, this grilled peach salad from Taste with the Eyes would be a wonderfully fresh and crisp accompaniment. This salad combines many of my favorite things, such as peaches and blueberries and arugula and blue cheese!

Happy BBQ’n!

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