A New and Friendlier Design at MasterCook.com

You may have noticed some changes at MasterCook.com. We’ve recently unveiled a new look for the MasterCook.com home page that puts our ever-popular trending recipes right up front, so it’s easy to see the latest recipe additions and jump right in! We’re introducing a new “Blue Plate Special” on the home page, in order to […]


Fresh Alaskan Seafood | Kodiak Fish Market

You may not have access to fresh, sustainably-caught wild Alaskan fish and seafood in your neck of the woods, and that’s okay, because the Kodiak Fish Market does. John Whiddon, founder and owner of the Kodiak Fish Market in Kodiak, Alaska, has over 16 years of experience in the fish shipping industry. He knows how […]

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Memorial Day Favorites

Does it get much better than a three day weekend? What do you guys have planned for this Memorial Day, and the long weekend that accompanies it? Are you headed up to the cabin, looking forward to time at the lake with friends and family? Perhaps you’re about to hit the tarmac for a little vacation. […]

Some Technical Difficulties

Dear MasterCook users, The team at MasterCook is continuously working to better our software for our customers. Due to a recent increase in use, you may have experienced some technical difficulties while trying to access your MasterCook account. This is because of the increased workload to the database server. As a resolution to this problem, […]

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Cookin’ Up Some Que

By Elizabeth Fechter  Fun fact: Not only is the month of May known for Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day and May Day, but did you know it’s also home to National Barbecue Day?! Well, I had no idea, but I sure am excited to take full advantage of this month-long holiday and use it as […]

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No Ham Left Behind

By Elizabeth Fechter It’s official, spring has sprung here in the Midwest. Asparagus is in abundance, bulbs are popping up all over the place AND we hit 60° yesterday (who-hoo!). Now, I’m not sure about you and your household, but I have a ton of leftover ham from Easter Sunday. I have a beautiful ham hock awaiting […]

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Choctál Single-Origin Ice Cream

By Elizabeth Fechter Cool, rich and velvety. These are the words that come to mind as I recount my experience with Choctál ice cream. In a world filled with candy infused ice creams, swirled with chunks of potato chips and cheesecake, how does Choctál stand out among the rest? It take a classic, and executes […]


Springing into Brunch

By Elizabeth Fechter Oh, sweet brunch time. When the possibilities are limitless and the cocktails are encouraged. What’s not to love? You can do sweet, you can do savory, or heck, you can do both! Personally, I fell in love with brunch after watching countless episodes of Barefoot Contessa. She effortlessly pulls together the most beautiful, […]


You can have your wine and eat it too!

By Elizabeth Fechter  It’s national drink wine day! Who knew? Apparently February 18th is the day wine lovers rejoice, and we’re happy to join to fun. And even better, how about instead of just drinking your wine, you cook with it, too? It’s not too late to choose a wine inspired dinner recipe for tonight and pick […]

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Here Comes Saint Valentine

By Elizabeth Fechter From the heart shaped sugar cookies my mom and I bake every year, and decorate with pink icing and sprinkles, to the overload of chocolate kisses, Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Now I know it’s not for everyone, and that’s okay! To each their own. But for those of you out […]