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Getting to know MasterCook 14 and MasterCook.com Subscription

MasterCook 14

Get to Know the Program 2 Ways

MasterCook is a richly featured desktop program that gets better the more you use it. Its incredible feature set is what makes it a favorite of professional kitchens everywhere. If you’re just getting started with MasterCook, you probably don’t want to use every feature right away. Here, we’ll show you two ways to begin using MasterCook to make meals and organize your recipes.

1. Browse and Search Built-in Cookbooks

MasterCook comes with a variety of built-in cookbooks, providing you with an incredible array of recipes to choose from. Click on “Cookbooks” on the top menu bar to view the titles that come with the program.

Double-click on one of the cookbook covers to bring up a list of recipes to browse through. Double-clicking on a recipe name will show you the recipe in an easy-to-read format. On the bottom right-hand side of the page, you’ll find arrows you can click to “turn” pages and move forwards and back through the cookbook’s contents.

If you have an idea of what kind of recipe you’re interested in, the fastest way to find the recipe you want is to use MasterCook’s Search feature. Click on “Search” on the top menu bar to bring up the search screen. You can conduct basic searches from this screen or use our handy pre-defined searches. Click on the “Expanded Search” button in the upper right-hand corner to bring up the advanced search screen. Here you’ll find many options for conducting advanced searches, including many food-specific searches such as search by ingredient or by nutritional value.

Once you’ve defined your search, find the first of the four buttons near the bottom center of the screen and click “Add,” then move to the last button and click “Search.” Your results will appear in the space on the right-hand side of the page. When you find a recipe you like, click to view and start cooking!

2. Create Your Own Customized Cookbooks

MasterCook has earned its reputation as the most powerful recipe and cookbook organizer available. With MasterCook, you can create, print and publish your own cookbooks. Many MasterCook users enjoy swapping their custom creations with other users online. The first step in creating your own cookbook is adding all your recipes, clippings and cards to MasterCook. We start you out with a cookbook called “My Cookbook” that you can start adding recipes to right away. Click on “Cookbooks” on the top menu bar and then click on “My Cookbook.”

On the bottom right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a black menu bar with icons. This menu bar provides you with a variety of options depending on where you are in the program. Let’s take a look:

New recipe: Adds a new recipe to “My Cookbook”

Look up and link to tips: This will be greyed out unless a recipe is open. Some recipes include links to the “Tips” section of MasterCook, where you’ll find definitions, explanations and tips for working with ingredients and using various cooking techniques. You can also create a link to a tip that you want to remember when viewing your recipe.

View in Recipe Browser: If you are viewing a single recipe from a cookbook, clicking this icon will switch you to a list of the cookbook’s contents.

View in Recipe Display: This will be greyed out if a recipe is already open in display view. If you are viewing the contents of a cookbook in the Recipe Browser, you can highlight a single recipe and click this icon to open it.

Recipe Edit: Opens the current recipe in an editable format. You can edit recipes in the any of the program’s built-in cookbooks and save the recipes in your own customized cookbook.

Add to Shopping, Favorites, or Menu: Click to add recipe ingredients to a Shopping List, add a recipe to your Favorites or add the recipe to a Menu.

Scale recipe: Easily scale the current recipe to the number of servings required.

Check spelling: Check your recipe’s spelling using the built-in dictionary or a custom dictionary you can create yourself.

Nutrition Notes: Provides nutrition values per serving for the displayed recipe.

Import, Export, or Email recipes: You can share your custom creations with others by exporting your recipes and cookbooks in several different formats. Once exported, you can email them or upload them to your MasterCook.com account. You can also import recipes from other MasterCook users or recipes you’ve saved to your MasterCook.com account.

Print/Publish: Provides a number of custom printing options for a single recipe or an entire cookbook.

Open MasterCook web site: Takes you to MasterCook.com in your web browser.

There’s a lot of features to explore, but for now, click on New Recipe.

You’ll see there’s a place for everything, including preparation time, notes, photos and video. The program saves as you type, and after you’ve entered your recipe, it will be fully searchable as well. Simply adding your recipes is the best way to get started creating your first cookbook.


 MasterCook.com Subscription

Explore New Online Features in 3 Easy Steps

Now that you’ve got a start on what you can do with the MasterCook desktop program, it’s time to explore the program’s all-new web features at MasterCook.com.

If you’ve already signed up for a MasterCook.com account, you can skip down to “2. Install ‘Add to MasterCook’ Button.” If you don’t have a MasterCook.com web account, you’ll need to create one. This account is different from the account you created to purchase MasterCook 14.

1. Create Your Web Account

You will need the serial number you received from MasterCook when you purchased the program. Look for the email with the subject line “Welcome to the NEW MasterCook!” to find your serial number.

Once you have your serial number ready, click on the My MasterCook.com link inside your program to create a new account online.

The MasterCook.com website is an extension of your MasterCook.com desktop application. Here, you’ll be able to discover new and popular recipes around the web and on MasterCook.com and save them to your online collection.

2. Install “Add to MasterCook” Button

The way you’ll be saving recipes is through our “Add to MasterCook” button, which you should see at the top of the MasterCook.com home page. To add the button to your browser bar, you’ll need to make sure your Bookmarks Bar (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) or Favorites Bar (Internet Explorer) is visible. Click here for instructions on how to enable the bar in your browser. Then try simply dragging the button onto your browser bar.

Now, you can add recipes to your online account quickly and easily. To show you how it works, let’s visit the Trending Recipes page on MasterCook.com. Bookmark the page, or you can find it by choosing “Trending Recipes” from the pull-down menu located on the top left-hand side of MasterCook.com.

3. Discover and Save Recipes

The Trending Recipes page is a curated selection of the best recipes saved by MasterCook users from around the web. Each recipe card shows an image of the recipe, where it came from on the web, and how many users have saved that recipe to their collection.

When you see a recipe that interests you, click on the link after “From” to see the full recipe at its original location on the web. You can also click on the recipe image or title to see the recipe details on MasterCook.com. When you are viewing the MasterCook.com detail page, you will also see the top ten Trending Recipes from the recipe’s original location. From the detail page, click on the “View Full Recipe” link under the recipe title to see that recipe on the original web site.

When you’re looking at the recipe at its original location, you can save the recipe by clicking on the “Add to MasterCook” button on your browser. The “MasterCook Web Import” window will pop up on your screen, with recipe details already filled in. Review the details, make changes if you wish, and then click the “Save” button to add to your MasterCook collection.

You can use the “Add to MasterCook” Button anywhere on the web to quickly save recipes. When you want to review your recipes, go to “My Recipes” on the menu at MasterCook.com to see what you’ve saved. You can also view “My Recipes” on your mobile device.

When you’ve collected enough recipes, you can organize them in cookbooks online and download them to your MasterCook desktop program. To download your MasterCook.com saved recipes, use the pull-down menu to go to My Recipes. You should see a list of recipes with a download button at the top. If you see recipe images, use the “View” button on the top right-hand side of the window and choose list view. Then check off the recipes you wish to download and click the red download button. The recipes will download in MasterCook 14’s .mz2 file format. From the MasterCook program, pull down from the “File” menu item in the upper left-hand corner and click “Open.” Then navigate to the downloaded .mz2 file on your computer and choose it. The program will import your recipes.

You can also upload your recipes to MasterCook.com from the program. Unlike recipes that you save using the “Add to MasterCook” button, uploaded recipes are completely private and will not be added to Trending Recipes. Uploading your cookbooks to MasterCook.com offers convenient backup and allows you to access your cookbook collection from any web browser.

To upload, you’ll first need to export your cookbooks from the MasterCook program. Go to Cookbooks and open the cookbook you want to export by clicking on it. You should see the contents of the cookbook as a list in the Recipe Browser window. Highlight the recipes you want to export: you can choose one, some, or all. Now right click on the “Import, Export or Email Recipes” icon and choose Export. Under “Export Options,” toggle the radio button next to the top selection: “MC 14 Format with Images (*.MZ2). Then toggle the radio button next to “Single File” and type in a file name, including the file suffix .MZ2. Click the “Export” button, and you will see a progress bar showing the files being exported. Click the “Done” button to finish.

To upload your exported file into your MasterCook.com account, use the pull down menu on the upper right-hand side to get to My Cookbooks. Find the cookbook you want to upload your recipes to. In this case, it’s “Uploaded Recipes.” Click on the Upload link and you’ll see a window prompting you to select a MasterCook .MZ2 file to upload. Navigate to where you saved your exported file and click upload. You may have to wait a few moments while the files are being loaded into your account.

When you click on My Recipes you will see all of your recipes, including those that you’ve saved using the “Add to MasterCook” button and those you’ve uploaded from the program. If you only want to view some of your recipes, you can choose the cookbook you want to view in My Cookbooks.

You’re now off to a good start with MasterCook’s desktop features and all new web features. Remember to visit Trending Recipes every day to browse and discover new recipes. You may see your own saved recipes featured, too!


  1. I have downloaded and use Mastercook 14 on my and I have downloaded mastercook on my iPad. How do I gain access to my recipes from my desktop file on my iPad?

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