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A New Year Through Food

By Elizabeth Fechter

New Year’s resolutions come in many different forms. Whether your goal is to start fresh by finding a healthy balance in life, or to release more endorphins through weekly visits to the gym, the new year is a great time to aim for a positive change. Whatever your objective may be, eating a wholesome diet will only help propel you further towards your target. I’m not sure about you, but I can speak for many of my family and friends when I say eating healthier generally helps us feel better. Cutting out processed foods and inserting more fresh, seasonal ingredients makes us feel mindful about our choices while simultaneously improving out mental and physical health. In the end, the benefits that come from eating a diet with a wide variety of natural foods can only help assist you in reaching your New Year’s resolution. And for those who desire to save some money in the new year? Seasonal produce almost always costs less than they’re out of season counterparts, it’s a win-win!

So what exactly is in season during these cold winter months? From squash and blood oranges to parsnips and kale, winter is a great time of the year for fresh produce. Over the next couple of posts, I am going to focus on a wide variety of these seasonal fruits and vegetables. Today’s topic of conversation? Beets! I have always loved beets. Growing up my dad would prepare them very simply, a little salt and butter was all we needed. Since then, beets have appeared on the food scene as a show-stopping star. They’re featured at many restaurants, often in salads or as a delectable side item.

Beets are filled with many different nutrients and vitamins, while holding the potential to prevent cancer and lower blood pressure.  Nutrients such as betaine, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin B9 can all be found in the beloved root vegetable.

One new take on a beet recipe I came across was Linda Wagner’s beet and carrot detox bake. It combines carrots, beets, goat cheese, a little tamari (you could easily substitute soy sauce in its place) and some leeks- which also happen to be a winter vegetable! All mixed together and served with fresh fish or other protein would make for a light and wholesome dinner option.

Or how about this gorgeous purple beet and quinoa veggie burger from The Awesome Green? It’s piled high with sweet potatoes, avocado and parsley. Yum!

Have you guys had a chance to use the ever-so-trendy spiralizer yet? If not, this winter caprese beet noodle pasta from The Lean Green Been would be something great to try, regardless of if you’ve sprialized before. Combining all of your classic caprese favorites with hearty beets, this recipe is sure to please a crowd.

I hope these recipes inspire you guys to get a fresh start in the new year, and try some new beet recipes! Happy Cooking :).

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