You can have your wine and eat it too!

By Elizabeth Fechter  It’s national drink wine day! Who knew? Apparently February 18th is the day wine lovers rejoice, and we’re happy to join to fun. And even better, how about instead of just drinking your wine, you cook with it, too? It’s not too late to choose a wine inspired dinner recipe for tonight and pick […]

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Here Comes Saint Valentine

By Elizabeth Fechter From the heart shaped sugar cookies my mom and I bake every year, and decorate with pink icing and sprinkles, to the overload of chocolate kisses, Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. Now I know it’s not for everyone, and that’s okay! To each their own. But for those of you out […]

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Keeping the Momentum Going

By Elizabeth Fechter We’ve all been there, January 1st hits and we’re ready to go with a new and improved healthy lifestyle. We’re motivated, encouraged by the naysayers who say “New Year’s Resolutions don’t work,” and ready to prove them wrong. But then, the going gets tough. February approaches and those cupcakes at the bakery counter […]