pantry pasta recipe

Make a Smart Pantry Recipe with Spiralized Zucchini Noodles and Pasta

Chef Jim’s pantry recipe is a pasta dish for two using common on-hand ingredients. During the week, I avoid making unnecessary trips to the grocery store by preparing a meal using ingredients I already have, also known as a pantry recipe. I enjoy the challenge of combining bits to create a satisfying meal of leftover ingredients […]

MC Free MC 14 Offer v4

Free Software for Culinary Educators and Students

This offer expired January 1, 2015. Thank you to all those students and educators who participated! For a limited time, MasterCook is giving away free downloads of MasterCook v.14, the latest recipe and kitchen software version, to all eligible culinary art instructors and students. In addition to a receiving a free copy of MasterCook 14, […]