Avocado Hummus

Chef Jim’s Heavy Appetizers Party Plan

Planning  a Labor Day party? Try Chef Jim’s appetizer menu shortcuts, & cooking timeline. As a personal chef I also provide in-home catering for some of my clients.  Here’s a menu that I created for a client’s summer party. The number of items may sound daunting but you can easily recreate this or any similar […]

Peach and Jalapeno Mini Pies

Savory Peach and Jalapeño Mini Pies

About the filling… Jalapeño. And peaches. We combined two ingredients that are satisfying on their own (but even more amazing together!) to make a sweet peach pie with a happy kick. With so many fruits in season, from berries to stone fruits, we didn’t want to pass up on making a fruit pie before summer […]

Webinar: MasterCook for Culinary Educators

Open Invitation for Culinary Educators This 8/12 and 8/14 We at MasterCook would like you to join us for a webinar that illustrates how culinary educators are using MasterCook as part of their curriculum. The webinar will be led by Rob McDonald, culinary instructor for Manor Independent School District in Texas and consultant to MasterCook’s […]