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MasterCook v14 Upgrade

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MasterCook v14 New Features

Expanded E-mail Sharing: When sharing recipes you can now send e-mail using web-based services that require authentication, ie: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail

Export Pictures Too! You are now able to import and export images with recipes (via file and e-mail) using the mz2 file format

Fresh new look: Updated Application Color Scheme

New Unit Conversion Helper: Double-click on the new icon (in the ingredient section)

No More Squinting! Ability to adjust the Font Size on the Recipe Edit Screen

New application structure: MC v14 allows users to leverage cloud services ie: Google Drive, SkyDrive, & Dropbox. This is great for backup, multiple installations, sharing and even collaborating with others.

Expanded Fraction & Decimal Options

Ability to create a copy of an ingredient using Save As, instead of starting from scratch for each new ingredient

Expanded Unit Length

Numerous Stability & Performance Improvements


Introducing MasterCook.com – YOUR recipes & cookbooks, anywhere!

Ability to create a personal MasterCook.com account

1-Click Recipe Transfer! One click will import recipes from web pages using any browser on your computer (or even a tablet), using our new Web Import Technology.

Download Recipes from MasterCook.com to MasterCook PC

Upload recipes (including pictures) from MasterCook PC into your MasterCook.com account, allowing you to view your recipes on any device with a browser.

Create online cookbooks to keep everything organized like your PC App

Browse the trending recipes from around the web right from MasterCook.com and add your favorites to your MasterCook.com account